The Event will be about Introducing Firefox student ambassadors program and how to benefit from such program.

We also will talk about the previous events we held in the campus and we’ll also discuss how to participate in the program in effective way (Firefox Student Club at AAST). Then we’re going to Introduce to the open source in general and how open source is so much important for many people. The open source can be applied on Firefox OS as it makes it easier for the user to change the design or the software in general in a way that he or she desires. Then we’ll discuss also the workspace and its relation with the open source as in project selection, organization of both project materials and time with skills at the end a speaker will give an exciting speech on Successful career in technical field and how to use it for your own benefit as he will talk about:

  • Points of success.
  • Points of failure.
  • He will give you great advice about how to get yourself in the technical field and work for worldwide companies.

We hope you participate in such event to enrich your knowledge and broaden your horizons.